Mission Statement

This multi-day celebration of the culinary bonanza and dazzling culture provides unparalleled spirited social excitement in the Land of Enchantment including live entertainment, cocktail and food tastings, world class seminar opportunities for home entertainers and hospitality professionals.

  • Educate. The Cocktails & Culture Festival brings internationally-known Mixology celebrities to Santa Fe. Seminars engage and teach on a world-class level only found outside of the state until now. Liquor industry leaders come from around the U.S. to teach seminars. Attendees are 55% consumers and 45 % trade. (Out of state attendance has doubled since 2015)
  • Evolve.›Cocktails & Culture Festival ELEVATES skill and passion, thereby creating new business opportunities for liquor companies, local bars, restaurants and culinary tourism. Restaurants and bars can develop their menus and train their bartenders. The festival connects liquor brands with hospitality professionals and cocktail enthusiasts on a one-to-one level, sharing their products and stories while creating new business opportunities and brand loyalty. NM Cocktail & Culture Week celebrates and awards local bars.
  • Entertain. Mixology is fun! Tastings, parties, Taco WarsChef & Shaker Challenge, film, music and art are featured throughout the festival. ›Santa Fe boasts famous chefs, 3 cooking schools, 400+ hundred restaurants, 58 hotels (many with bars) and 40+ stand-alone bars consistently landing on NATIONAL TOP TEN guides for dining, tourism and culture. The Cocktails & Culture Festival is quickly becoming a MUST DO for locals and visitors.
  • Philanthropy. Since 2015, we have collectively raised over $10,000 for charitable causes including Cooking With Kids; the Helen David Relief Fund; Kitchen Angels; the Children’s Cancer Fund of NM